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Hardware: NEC PC Engine CD-ROM²

Verified Redump DAT/CUE: 2020-10-14 (13-15-39)

Current Update Container files are available here.

New Title(s): 527
Cue(s) Exchanged: N/A
Title(s) Renamed: N/A
Title(s) Missing: N/A
Title(s) Available: 527

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This is a maintained Redump Disc Image Collection and will be updated periodically. This collection contains disc images that have been verified to match the file hashes in the Redump database.

Favorite this page or follow me on twitter for future updates to this collection. Submittals added to the Redump database for this collection will be made available whenever possible. Titles not found in the Redump database will not be included. Titles that may possibly be bad dumps will not be included.

Torrents will never be provided for any Redump Disc Image Collection maintained due to their progression. These maintained collections are not a complete list of titles for their corresponding systems. If you are looking for a complete collection of titles, look elsewhere. If you are looking for quality, look here. provides guides to ensure users can dump their media using the most accurate method available to achieve as close to a 1:1 backup as possible. Users are encouraged to follow the guides correctly and share their results to help build and populate the database. Multiple dumps of media with the same serial number by different users are encouraged to verify previous entries and help identify revisions.



REDUMP Disclaimer is a disc preservation database and community dedicated to collecting precise and accurate information about video games released on optical media. While the database contains information about copyrighted materials, it does not contain the data on the media.

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